About Us

Producer, songwriter, recording and mixing engineer Renan Bakker (1992) already has an impressive history of working with some of the music industry’s top artists, producers and engineers from all over the world. He’s been in the industry since 2010 and active since 2003. As a producer he has cooperated with both national and international artists, which has resulted in hard copy and online releases of many CD’s and single productions. As mixing engineer and producer/songwriter Renan has mixed, produced and written numerous tracks which are released (inter)nationally. Also helping out caring homes who help young adults to realise their (lost) dreams, for example Plushome in Arnhem, who we did coaching and songwriting with.
In all those years, Renan has also worked with a widespread range of equipment, such as: tape recorders, hard disk recorders, several digital and analogue mixing desks, analogue synthesizers, and so on.
Renan also worked in a widespread range of studios, both analog, digital and hybrid, with different people and music programs (DAWs) and is also a Certified Pro Tools User. This is an important foundation which benefits everyone.
Our credits include: Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Işın Karaca, Justin Pieplenbosch, Ryan Leslie, Ricardo Overman, A.Z.R.A & Z.E.R.A, TRT Music, Colin Waters, Boaz van de Beatz, Zanillya Farrell, De Romeo’s, Akış Production, Steam Music, SUP Yoga Vibes, Liloe Rix, Wolf & Moon, O-SHiN, Royal S, Mert Ali İçelli, Elif Nun, and many more. We define ourselves by always pushing the limit.

Renan “ R.E.N.A.N “ Bakker (1992) is a Dutch-Turkish multi talented artist and producer. Due to his dual nationality and upbringing, his music has many different influences. Such as Soul, R&B, Urban, Hiphop, Future Bass/Beat, embedded in a Modern Pop structure.
Renan Bakker can be best defined as “A creative Jack-of-all-trades”. From songwriting to producing and from an idea to a finished videoclip. Renan realises everything as a one-man-army with the help of others from time to time. All of this is realised, performed and done in the Netherlands, Turkey and as of 2018 in Germany. For example: A song is written, recorded and mixed in one country, while the videoclip is shot and/or edited in the other and vice versa. For these reasons sometimes he needs to make a studio out of a bedroom, from using blankets to building acoustic panels. Mixed and finished in high grade studios.
Because of this way of creating he combines many different cultures from around the world.
Renan has (co)produced and (co)written or coached many songs with different artist. Such as: Jimmy Clash, Revealed Recordings, Diplo, Colin Waters, Royal S, Jacob Grey, Evi De Schurk, Boaz van de Beatz, Mert Ali Içelli, Liloe Rix, Oumnia Noor Guigui, Shiruwan, A.Z.R.A & Z.E.R.A and more.
With this knowledge Renan Bakker also coaches different people from the age of 9 till 50 years, in 1-on-1 (Skype) sessions.
Besides being on the background, Renan is also focused on his solo project as “R.E.N.A.N”, an urban/pop singer with versatile blends between different genres. Always with pop as the main theme. His Bicultural background embedded into vocal melodies or his productions.

BeatsByBeast is a new and growing platform for talented producers and songwriters in which they collectively have an impressive set of skills and list of people they worked for, all joint together. We offer this platform on which you can audition and/or lease or sell beats to both national and international artists. We try to reply any messages as soon as possible, in the end we always reply. We hope to see you/ speak to you in the near future and help you finish, write, record, produce or mix your song/project.