A.Z.R.A & Z.E.R.A

Azra “A.Z.R.A” Coşkun (2005) and Zehra “Z.E.R.A” Coşkun (2009) are two young multi-talented sisters from Adana, Turkey. Both excellent in playing the violin and singing in combination with Urban
At a young age it became known to the parents that Azra was excellent in acting and singing. Soon they became aware of her natural feeling and talent for playing many different instruments. They tried out the Saz (Turkish traditional twelve string guitar-like instrument) piano, violin, and classical guitar. Nothing seemed to be impossible. With her musical genius she learned how to play the instruments fairly quick. It became clear to the parents Azra was meant for more because of her limitless artistical talents. When she was 11 she was already accepted to the State Conservatory Çukurova University in Adana, with violin as her main instrument, as one of the best and youngest participants in their school’s history.
Soon little sister Zehra followed in Azra’s footsteps. Having her sister as an example – and natural second teacher – Zehra soon became on the same musical level as Azra. She was too young to be admitted into the State Conservatory (8) but that didn’t stop the parents from managing to get a professional teacher who sponsored the other young musical genius.

They were discovered by their family member Renan “R.E.N.A.N” Bakker (Producer & Artist) during the summer of 2017. The next step was to get these girls out into the world, showing and combining their qualities in different ways. Using their instruments and vocals with Renan’s Urban/Pop productions and background. After his musical coaching in vocal and performance techniques (on stage and in the studio), session musicianship, in combination with their – already broad range of – experience (from school and their artistical and musical mother and father), they were ready to record and produce tracks together in the form of a Family Project and be launched as a multi-talented but mainly singing and violin playing duo.