Renan Bakker Music is a production, songwriting and mixing/mastering comany.
We are specialised in different genres.
Ranging from top 40 songs to indie and Jazz songs.
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R.E.N.A.N is an artist and songwriter. As session vocalist and songwriter he also works for others. His own project as a performing artist is Urban/Pop embedded with his Turkish background.
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BEATSBYBEAST is our collaboration platform consisting of different producers and songwriters.
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Before going into detail how we can manage this we talk with the person in question to understand in what state the song is. We ask to send a link or an mp3 of the song so that we can check if we can give any tips before going into mixing.
If mixing is all you want, we won’t ask any other questions and you can skip ” (2/4) ” But our experience has shown us that in order to give the client what he wants, we need to know what the project needs.
For example: If the recording has been done fully analog, in a good recording environment, our work for mixing the track will not be very time consuming. But if we think there is more to gain in any way, we call or send an email with some tips to discuss options and possibilites.
Because, if there is a possibility to re-record or re-produce something, we advise to do so. The better the source, the better the mix, the better the mastering will be.
After we have established what it is you need, we ask you to send everything as seperate as possible. So we have more control over the process to tailor a more exact result for you.
* ALWAYS WRITE YOUR BPM AND KEY OF THE SONG WITH YOUR FILES. putting this in the folder/zip name is enough.
For example:
-I can’t Get Enough Seperate STEMS c# 128bpm(.zip)-
* Files have to have 1 bar of silence be for the song begins and after the song is finished.
* Every file has to have the same starting point and ending. If you have difficulties exporting your tracks, do not hesitate to ask us. We gladly help you out as best we can!
* We prefer to have everything in the same source as you have produced/recorded this in. For example: If you record vocals, guitars, etc. in 24 bit with a Sample rate of 44.1kHz, Do NOT export your files in any other bitrate or Sample rate. Any audio source from plugins (omnisphere, serum, Native Instruments, you name it) are exported in 24 bit. Not in 32 or in 16. We do advise to export in 44.1kHz with 24 bit. If the song is not intended for a movie nor dolby surround system, there’s no need for high quality exports. Because the final quality will not differ too much if the sound system is not specifically for cinema or movies.
* DO NOT FORGET TO BYPASS ANY BUS CHANNEL PLUGINS LIKE LIMITERS, EQ’s, etc. (If the sound is not specifically something you created on purpose)
* DO NOT FORGET TO BYPASS ANY MASTER CHANNEL PLUGINS LIKE LIMITERS, EQ’s, etc. (We cannot work with files which are already too processed to work on.)
* ALWAYS leave at least 7-10db of headroom.
We work online with websites and services like Dropbox or Wetransfer. You can send everything to management@renanbakkermusic.com
Always put your name and song title in the ‘subject’ area.
No worries! We know how important this is so we will always find a way to get into (personal) contact with you! .
We have several price categories in which we sell beats/instrumentals. Because of the complexity and a non-exclusive or an exclusive lease.
Our beats/instrumentals differ from 75 euros to 250 euros.
You have the option to lease a beat non-exclusively or buy it exclusively.
For custom projects and more information contact us about the details via management@renanbakkermusic.com
This is depending on your deadline, the complexity of the project and how busy we are. But always as soon as possible.
• Production (tailored to your needs)
• Beats/instrumentals
• Songwriting
• Arranging
• Composing
• Recording
• Mixing
• Mastering (also seperately unique Spotify/iTunes versions)
• Radio Edits
• Stem mixing/mastering
• Coaching
• Consulting
• Vocal processing
Our personal approach makes every project unique in any way. Every project is tailored to the needs of the client/project and we always do our best to make the best out of your budget. We define ourselves by always pushing the limits.